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May Readings

May Readings are here!

May is the longest and busiest month for many teachers....including me! During May, we generally have yearly observations and evaluations, we celebrate Mother's Day with our students' moms, we finish up assessments, we start planning our end-of-year celebrations while thinking about what changes we'll be doing for next year......and these are just some of the happenings of this month.

May is also a month to reflect and celebrate out big milestones achieved and start the transition to the next grade level, in my case, kindergarten.

As we prepare to Move On, we truly enjoy these titles for our future kindergarteners. 

My personal favorite of this month is Leo the Late Bloomer. It begins as Leo not being good at anything, not writing, not reading, not eating properly. As the time progresses, Leo bloomed and was able to draw nicely and neatly, eating properly, and ready for his next life chapter - just like my kiddos.

Learn more HERE about how Learning Genie can make your teacher life easier with assessments and incorporating quality literature into your students' daily reports and individualized based on their needs and interests. 

Keep learning!

Glasses Giveaway!

Hi there!

When I was approached by GlassesShop.com to review and give away a pair of their fabulous eyeglasses, I knew I had to do it. Although I had never order glasses form this company, I have some friends who had and they love it. The websites had many options to chose from, even prescription sunglasses!

The process was very easy and simple. I selected the frame of my glasses online I liked and added my information. And look at the price, isn't it great?!

These are the glasses I selected.

From when I made my selection to the time I received them at my door, it was around 14 days. This entire process with GlassesShop.com was very convenient and painless! Perfect for a busy teacher, mom, and full-time grad student.

....and here they are!

I love how conveniently packaged it was when I received them, 
and the glasses sturdy case was an added bonus!

.....now, are you ready to have the opportunity to win a pair of these fabulous glasses???

Use the code: GSHOT50 to get 50% off on eyeglasses and sunglasses with free lenses 
(sale frames excluded).


The winner is...

Mother's Day Keychains

Hello fans,

Mother's Day is around the corner and in the middle of parent teacher conferences, classroom observations and walk-thrus I was able to find a very personal yet budget-friendly way for my students to celebrate their mothers. 

Personally I like to use the Crystal Clear pack. 
I am ale to use one sheet for 6 students. 
You can purchase these sheets on any craft store.

I like to use 3" hole punchers in different shapes, I specially like the 
circles and hearts for special occasions.

VERY IMPORTANT! If you decide to use the shrink dink as necklace or keychain, hole punch it before it goes in the oven. The cut and punched shapes will go in the oven for 3 minutes at 325 degrees. 

I've decided to make keychains this year. I used small rings and 
keychain rings to complete the present.

We'll place the keychains in white jewelry boxes my students all decorate.
Happy Mother's Day!

My BIG World

Hi friends!

Today, I want to share with you a wonderful Scholastic My BIG World magazine especially designed for our youngest learners. My Big World with Clifford is the fun nonfiction magazine for early-childhood classrooms. Each issue brings your themes to life with colorful photos and simple nonfiction. In addition, the playful activities focus on early-learning essentials like vocabulary, social development, movement, and languageWhen I received my first box, I was amazed at everything that was included. I received magazines for each student in my classroom, posters, a glass jar, cotton balls, and seeds!

Instantly my teacher brain started thinking of all the learning 
experiences I could provide my students with! 

The very next day, we started working with our 
magazine and learning about plants.

 We did an experiment with our seeds and placed them inside the 
moist cotton balls  using the jar as well in our mini green houses on our classroom window. These seeds sprouted fast!
While learning about plants, we also continued  taking care of our classroom plants and garden, as well created our own plants and labeled its parts.

One of the big posters was All About Rabbits. Judy Hops is one of our students' pet and she visited our classroom. It was the perfect ending to our lesson on rabbits. 

These magazines have been a great addition to our curriculum and expansion on our students interests. My students did the activities on the magazines. They counted eggs, went on an egg hunt, sang songs, and continued the learning at home with the magazines.

Subscribe HERE!

Keep learning!

April Readings & Giveaway!

Hello there!

April showers and April readings are here! 

April is one of the longest months to teach. This is when my assessments are due, I begin doing parent teacher conferences, and there is no holidays :( It's long! Learning Genie is here to save the day with the convenient data collection system and students analytical reports!

The good part is I teach my students one of my favorite topics: Nature. During this month we learn about how do plants grow, the sky, the seasons and weather, Earth Day, and recycling. We get to spend more time outdoors and enjoy nature.

Here's a collection of Monthly readings!

This month I assess language and literacy development. I will be assessing the students understanding and responsiveness to language based on our literature. I will also be carefully observing and assessing their reciprocal communication with peers.

Enter the Rafflecopter for the chance to win one of my favorite nature-theme books! 
a Rafflecopter giveaway


10 Math Centers with Mini Erasers & GIVEAWAY!

Hello there!

Besides erasing....mini erasers have various uses. Mini erasers are the IT manipulative of the moment, and we all love them!

This product has 10 wonderful math centers for preschool, pre-k, and kindergarten students to practice basic math skills.

Join the giveaway to have to opportunity to win 5 mini erasers center samples. This is a hard copy of 5 centers (laminated and ready to use!!!). I'll also include some bunnies and butterflies mini erasers and some spring goodies for your classroom.

I will pick 2 winners on Friday!!!

March Readings

Hello friends!

I love March! During March I celebrate this little blog's blogiversary, my birthday, Reading Across America week, and Spring break!!! We only have two weeks of school during March....what else can I ask for?! 

During this month we start collecting evidence of learning for our post assessments. I love how easy Learning Genie makes it for me and most of the teachers in my school district. So, during March we focused on reviewing skills we've been teaching throughout the year such as letter discrimination, recognition, and sounds. In the area of math we focused on number sense and  number identification, counting, shapes, patterns, measuring, sorting, etc.

During this month, we will be mostly assessing students on Language and Literacy Development and Cognition and Math/Science Development areas.  Using Learning Genie to collect students’ data and rate their developmental level on these specific areas saves me hours and hours of work. Time I use to create new centers for my students and individualized my activities and lessons.

Areas assessed during March.

One of my favorite activities during March was our Alphabet Sticky Wall. My students and I loved it. 

The first thing I did was to create a simple template to print sticky notes on. I measured the squares to be 3 by 3 inches. Printed on regular paper, then pasted the sticky notes on the squares and printed them again.

The students chose several letters to write, I encouraged them to select a letter that have difficulty writing. 

Once they were done, the looked on the sticky wall for the letter they wrote and pasted it.
And this is the final product! I loved how our Alphabet Sticky Wall turned out. Days later I scrambled the letters up and they sorted them once more. This activity was very interactive and I was able to assess my students in several areas.

Until the next one!

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