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My Big World: March


The My Big World magazine for March is here and we love it, as always! This month we have Peep Peep and Up, Up, and Away! 

This issue of the My Big World magazine was a great part of our nature unit. We explored wind using pinwheels, explore sunlight using flashlights, and explored animals using magnifying glasses.

One of the big issues was about healthy eating by having a plate party. It tied in perfectly with our unit of Eating Well. My students investigated the big issue and identified which foods are healthy to eat everyday and names other foods that are only for sometimes.

The big issue gave us an incredible idea to set up a mini dramatic play area to explore healthy foods. Each student had a plate to fill with healthy foods.

The big issue also served to check for understanding while our students played teacher and "quiz" one another about healthy food choices.

The magazine activities were also very engaging. 

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My Big World: February


The My Big World magazine is here and we love it, as always! This month is all about Animal Friends and Shadows.


This issue of the My Big World magazine was a great part of our Valentine's Day celebration.

My students truly loved experimenting with shadows and creating shadows of their own.

My students used an iPad and took pictures themselves of different items they use to see their shadows.




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Easy Valentine Card Holder

Hello there!

I want to share with you my Valentine card holder we made this year. This project is very inexpensive and easy to complete.

For this project, you will need paper bags (brown or white), heart shape cookie cutters, pipe cleaners, and any color paint you have on hand.

This can easy turn into a 2-day project with your students. On the first day, they can stamp the hearts cookie cutters with paint and on the second day, they can fill in the inside of the hearts with markers, paint, glitter, stickers, water colors, or even crayons, as shown below.

The handle of the bag is very easy to achieve.

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My Big World: January

Happy New Year!!!

After three well-deserved weeks off of winter break, we just got back to school. I'm feeling refreshed and ready to tackle this second half of the school year.

Our new year started with lots of rain and very cold weather - not typical for San Diego.

The My Big World magazine is here and we love it! This month is all about winter and penguins.

One of our favorite parts of this issue was the icicles measuring. We used a variety of materials to measure them as well as made some painting of icicles. It was neat to learn more about things that melt as well in our science center.

We tried melting several foods such as: chocolate chips, popsicles, ice, goldfish crackers, cheese, and a banana.

We worked on making predictions about the foods and what would happen to them.

We also enjoyed counting penguins and using penguin figurines to demonstrate amounts and perform simple math problems.


Even our sensory table was transformed into an Emperor Penguin habitat!

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My Big World: October


We're so happy because My Big World magazine for October is here!!!

These two magazines we received were perfect for our Big Day PreK theme on Community. 

Included in our monthly subscription, we also received the Big Issue on How Do They Feel? Which is a perfect addition to our social and emotional center and continually reinforcing the classroom expectations throughout the year.

We truly enjoyed learning more about firefighters and their important role in the community. We pretended to be firefighters and helping people and animals in need.

Clifford accompanied us along our rescue missions as firefighters.

Learning about pumpkins was fantastic! 
There was so much we were able to do with this issue. We weighed pumpkins using rocks and different materials. We sorted pumpkins by size and shape as well.

We also estimated and measured the circumference of a large pumpkin. Then we opened it and explore its insides!

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Matching Activity Freebie

Hello there!

Today, I bring to you another collaborative blog post with Education.com. This time I'm bringing you a fun matching activity FREEBIE!

This fun worksheet is to draw a line from the left column which has CVC words to its picture on the right. Down below if the answer key to the worksheet.

Boost your child's reading skills with this fun matching game. Find more kindergarten resources to kickstart your child's learning over at Education.com!

These cool festive mazes are being featured right now! Bug crawlies, school, autumn leaves, under the sea, and kayaking

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My Big World: September

We're so happy because My Big World magazine for September is here!!!

These two magazines we received were so spot on for out first weeks of school! We dedicate the first three weeks to teach expectations and procedures. We teach how to play with our materials, how we use the playground equipment and how our behavior should be like in the classroom, among other important topics. We also focus on building positive relationships with students, parents and peers.

This month, I loved the How to Make School Friends Big Issue. My students refer to the Big Issue every time they encounter a challenge or need visual support.

The Big Issue is located in our social emotional area and it has been a great addition. I'm thinking of leaving the poster up all year! It's that good!

Our next magazine was all about apples! Perfect for September! We incorporated science and math with the magazine.

In our apple lesson we explore different types of apples and graphed which apples were our favorites.

Before cutting the apples, we estimated how many apple seeds it would have. We counted the seeds and determined how close we were to our estimations.

We learned about the parts of the apples and how they grow.

The best part about this lesson was testing all of the apples!

These magazines have been a great addition to our curriculum and expansion on our students interests. My students did the activities on the magazines. They counted seeds, sang songs, and continued the learning at home with the magazines.

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