Are you hungry? Pizza: Pepperoni, Pineapples and Peppers!

Hi friends!

How pizza sounds for dinner tonight? Good, isn't it? Well, this pizza is not necessarily for dinner - but for the classroom.

These delicious pizzas are indented for pretend play with math integration. Language development can be enhanced by adding some "creative ingredients" with "creative names". Math skills can be incorporated by practicing one-to-one correspondence, number identification, sequence, color and shape recognition, and other math skills.

Pizza tutorial:
Take two pieces of tan colored felt for the crust. Trace a circle and sew it all the way around (you may also choose not to sew it and make it flat). These ones are 10 inches diameter and slightly stuffed - for more realism.

Once it is completely sewn, make a 2 inch cut on one of the felts and turn it inside-out. You may want to stuff it to give it the feel of a real pizza crust, or not.

Take one red piece of felt, the sauce, and cut it about an inch less than the crust. The white felt would be the cheese and it would be about half an inch smaller than the sauce.

I personally will be hot gluing the red felt, the sauce, onto the crust (to cover the stitching and to focus on the ingredients.). You can be as creative as you wish with the ingredients. I made pepperoni, green peppers, black olives, and pineapples. I may include jalapenos, due to my classroom demographics and cultural diversity!

There is no fun without a menu! Here's the menu I have created for my activity:

Because I teach an English and Spanish classes, here's some menus that's go along with my pizzas. To increase the level of difficulty with this activity, you can write the name of the ingredients instead of providing the picture. 

Hope you try this activity in your classroom or with your own children!  Let me know how it turned out!

Be well!


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