Awesome New Pre-K Curriculum

Good morning fellow teachers,

I am so excited!!! This is my very first post on my very first blog, I guess I can be consider a blogger know! :)

I recently attended a training on an awesome curriculum called Frog Street Pre-K. It is a comprehensive, research-based program that integrates instruction across developmental domains and early learning disciplines. The program is engaging for both teachers, and children, and is easy to implement. The cornerstones of the program are: an extensive integration of theme, disciplines, and domains; special attention to social-emotional development; many levels and support of differentiated instruction; and a joyful approach to learning.

The best part of this curriculum is that will minimize the teachers' prep time - because it has everything planned for the teacher, even the letters and weekly notes that we send home are already made. By minimizing the teacher's prep time, it enables the teacher to dedicate more time to teach....duh! that is what we do, isn't it?!

I am not a marketing prep for this company, well if they need me they know where to find me...hint! hint! but it is amazing. The teacher's guide details what you need for each specific lesson. It highlights and provides samples of daily schedule, morning and closing circle time. It even let's the teacher know to send a note home for the paper towel rolls we will need next helpful!

What I like the most about this curriculum is the ability, the teachers will have know to give parents access to the curriculum website to be able to see the books we have been reading in class and read it at home as well. The school I am teaching at is located in a low-income area of Southern California and not all of our students have books at home. This feature will continue to develop that love for books and increase their literacy skills.

On another note, please take a look at some activities I have been doing in the classroom. Alternatives to the "w" word, I don't even like to say it!
Last week, we were introducing the letter Qq to the students they used playdough to trace the upper and lower case letters. They had a lot of fun! A tip for you, I'd suggest to do the letter you are practicing that week on one side of the mat and the next week's letter on the other side - and only laminate once!
I will keep you posted about how this new teachers' jewel is working out for us!

Be Well!

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