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We all have busy lives, but teachers have extra busy lives. I have two beautiful daughters, Janelle who is 11 and Gigi, who is the President of the Troublesome Three's Association. They both are smart, wonderful and very good girls....well, most of the times. Besides being a teacher, I am a mom, a wife, a personal GPS, a short-order cook, a nurse, a psychologist, a mentor for new teachers and a newsletter editor, yes, and I still manage six hours of sleep every night!

I am the Newsletter Editor for the San Diego Association for the Education of the Young Child, SDAEYC. The Vision of SDAEYC is to be an inclusive professional organization committed to effective advocacy for children, families and the communities that support them. The Mission of SDAEYC is to provide a professional membership organization committed to promoting optimal life experiences for all children from birth to 8 years. Our latest edition was published yesterday and it was about Organic Education.

I can describe organic education as simple and natural education in which children are not imposed to certain activities that are not age appropriate and do not offer any learning benefits. for young children. Nowadays, young children are exposed and required to do worksheets, have notebooks, and follow a strict routine in the classroom. Do not get me wrong, routines are extremely important, and children thrive when know what is expected in their daily activities- I an referring to the inability to be flexible and dedicate a little extra time addressing and acknowledging the child's interests and needs. Playing is an extremely important part of the child's day and learning experiences. They develop critical thinking skills, socio-emotional skills, and learn important life skills among other skills they need to know.

Children learn best through play and from their peers and environment. It is our responsibility to provide an engaging learning environment in which we promote exploration, independence, collaboration as well as independent play and reinforcement of mastered skills.

In our newsletter you can find great ideas for your classroom, children's books reviews, teacher's workshops and training and grants and awards available for early childhood education educators who live in the San Diego County.

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If you live in San Diego County and would like to become a member or a newsletter contributor, you can contact me at: sdaeycnewsletter@gmail.com or through the website.

Do you incorporate organic education into your daily routine?

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