You've Got Mail!

Hello again!

Are your students....or you, bored with the same classroom centers? Here's a simple and very inexpensive way to  mix things up in the classroom.

The post office learning center will provide your students with tons of opportunities to develop important skills and of!!!

You would need are a moving box about ($1.50 if you buy it new) - the size will depend on the space available you have in your classroom, blue paint  and making tape (which you may already have in the classroom), and the accessories: small mailing boxes (FREE!), tote bags and aprons ($1.00 at Dollar Tree), envelopes, pencils, clipboards and child-appropriate junk mail.

Secure the bottom of the box with masking tape. With an extra  piece of cardboard give the round shape at the top and secure with tape. Cut a small slot at the top of the box for the outgoing mail, and one at the bottom. When everything is secured, paint the box - you may want to do two coats of paint to cover the box's print, if any.

When the box is completely dry, you now can go ahead and decorate your mailbox. I used a cut out of an eagle out of black construction paper. Your mailbox is ready!!!

Now, the fun part.......accessories! My small mailing boxes are numbered because my students are practicing one-to-one correspondence and this will help them visualize and have a better understanding of numeral identification. You can also include old post cards or blank index cards to make their own postcards.

I purchased two simple aprons at the Dollar Tree gardening section, they had some sort of sticker on the front but I was able to remove it completely, and drew the same eagle i used on the box. I also found these cute tote bags, a dollar too!, and traced the eagle on them.

Special thanks to our model Gigi, the President of the Troublesome Three's Association which took some time out of her busy agenda to do this photo shoot. She is modeling the apron and the tote bag....adorable!

Hope this idea would be something that you can implement in your classroom. This fabulous new learning center will help my students develop their early literacy and writing skills, learn new vocabulary, social skills and lots of math skills!

See you next time!


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