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Book-Inspired Activities!

Hi friends!

First of all I want to share with you PreK Partner official logo! Very proud of the final product!

I have been obsessed lately with book-inspired activities, as you can tell on my Pinterest's boards if you follow me :) !

My students totally love every time I pull out something related to the story we are reading and surprise them!

Here's some activities I have made inspired on some of my favorite children's books.

Masks for The Three Billy Goats Gruff

Masks for Go Away Big Green Monster

Sheep for counting for Sleepy Sam

Sleepy Sam is a very sweet story that tells how Sam falls asleep every time he counts the sheep he is taking care for.

One last book-inspired activity, my old time favorite: Where the Wild Things Are!

Props for Where the Wild Things Are
I purchased the images on Teachers Pay Teachers.
Will give credit to this amazing artist I soon  as I can retrieve her information!

A closer look at the stick puppets use to re-tell the story.

Be creative and use this opportunities to inspire your students to read and become more interested in reading than video games!

Keep learning!