Hi friends,

As my 11-year-old daughter used tons of dominoes to builds her science Rube Goldberg project, I was thinking about ideas on how enhance numbers and amount identification in a fun way and thought about dominoes, hint, hint!

These dominoes can be used for number identification and to match the number with the correct amount.

Here's how I did it!

Materials needed: 10 8 by 7 card stock or construction papers, cutout numbers 1 through 10, dots, circles, or stickers, and a marker. 

I drew a black line along the middle of the paper and glued the numbers on the top half.

I added the dots on the bottom half. I began with the card with the number-one and put two dots, number-two card and put three dots, and so on.

This is the final product....doesn't it look cute!?
For more durability, you may want to laminate the cards (which I will do tomorrow).

Play time!

As soon as I finished, Gigi, my three-year-old began putting them together and counting the dots and finding the number that would go with he dots, without explaining how to use girl!

Let me know what you think and how did it go!

Be well!


  1. Hey Janice,

    This is a really great idea, but why did you place the incorrect amount of dots on each card?

    Are the dots removable and the students are asked to put the correct number of dots for each number?

    Again this looks like a fantastic idea, but I think I'm missing something =/

  2. Good morning,
    The purpose of this activity is to match the dominoes, just like the original dominoes game.

    The numbers and the dots will be matching - each domino matches with the next- making it a big line, or circle, as shown on the last pic.

    Please let me know if I answered your question.

    Have a great day!