Welcome Summer!!!

Hello friends,

Today is the day that we welcome our 2013 summer season. In the classroom we prepare ourselves for the end of the school year, final grades and some will have to start packing up all of our belongings to move into a new classroom or school...our job never ends.

In most classrooms, the activities are focused on reviewing concepts or making fun, summer-inspired activities...and here's one!

These BINGO games will enhance letter recognition as well math concepts.

These BINGO activities will promote letter recognition and phonemic awareness. On the left card, the teacher will  show a card with a specific letter and the student will have to locate the picture that begins with that letter. On the right side card, the teacher will show a picture of an object and the students will have to identify the beginning letter on the BINGO card.

These BINGO cards will reinforce color names and color recognition. On the left side card, the students will have  to locate a specific color on the card. On the right-side card, the teacher will show the students a color card and the students will have to locate the name of the color.

A concept that we are constantly reinforcing: numbers and quantities.  The teacher will show a specific number and the students will have to identify the correct amount of fish on the left side card. The BINGO card on the right side is for the teacher to show a picture with several items for the students to locate the correct number on the card.

I hope this summer-inspired game helps you during your last days of school! Only 9 more days for me!!!

Be well!

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