July already!?!?!?


Not just playing....learning!

Hi friends,

Being a preschool and lower grade teacher, I hear from parents that the child goes home and say "we just played today", what?!?!? I also have a preschool age child myself, my beautiful Gigi that turns 4-years-old today! and when I asked what she did at school today, I also get the same answer! If I didn't know any better I'd think I am wasting my hard-earning money on preschool...which I'm definetely not!

I feel it is our responsibility to explain and educate parents in what we do in the classroom and what skills they are developing when they are "just playing".

Here's a collage of four different learning centers and the skills they are working on while visiting the centers.

Keep learning!

Meet my Family...My Inspiration

Hello friends!

I just realized that I haven't "introduce" myself...silly me! I want you to meet the people who inspire me and who support me in everything I do, my family!

This is my lovely family! On the left, there's our oldest daughter Janelle, she is 11 ans she will begin her second year of middle school in the fall; my soon-to-be-4-year-old baby girl
Gigi, me, and my hubby. We will be celebrating our 14th year wedding anniversary in August!
This photo was taken at Sea World during the winter holidays, one of our family's
favorite places to go.
On the center, it's me! on my Master's program graduation back in December 2012.
On the right, there's my husband and I at the Run or Dye 5K in San Diego two months
ago...lots of fun!

Here's our princesses!
The photo on the left was taken at Balboa Park (left),  at Old Town San Diego (center), and the last one was taken at Viejas Casino Hotel, one of our favorite restaurants is located there...yummy food, especially the desserts and the king crab legs!

Here's our oldest daughter Janelle with daddy at the Little Mermaid ride at Disneyland on the left, and on the right at the Kid's Expo (with her adoptive brothers, LOL!)
The picture in the center is truly special to me, my grandparents! My grandmother is 83 and my grandpa just turned 92, aren't they adorable? They recently celebrated their 60th year wedding anniversary!

Well, this is my family, part of them. Now you can have a better idea of who I am, what to we like to do as a family and where's my inspiration comes from and translates into the classroom and my students.

Be well!


Student Teaching Tips!

Hello friends:

After lots of research right before I began my student teaching for my master's program I did find some interesting tips on how to 'survive' and make the best out of this experience.

Although I have been teaching for almost 10 years, this experience was terrifying to me! What if I am not able to follow the teacher's management style, what if I do not agree with her classroom philosophy? what if her teaching style was different from mine?....lots of questions running through my mind.

The pressure was on! My university required to have a minimum of 90% in order to pass, otherwise I would have to begin the process all over again...not even mentioning the tuition that I would have to pay...again!

Even though I was completely scared, I learned tons from this experience and my cooperative teacher was amazing! Very knowledgeable, resourceful and willing to help me through the process. The third graders were amazing; I was able to teach and differentiate my lessons and activities for the below, above and at level students - a wonderful learning experience for me!

Here I have compile some very valuable tips that I learned and carried me through this process in which I earned 100% . All those 3 and 4 hours of sleep nights were well worthy!

I just hope these tips will help student teachers out there to make their experience and journey amazing, like mine was!

From my library...

Hi friends,

I have put together a collage of books designed to celebrate and enhance our preschool lessons. Father's Day Celebration, Science, Math and Summer.

And we begin with our next holiday, Father's Day! Through colorful illustrations, the children will  continue building their father-child relationship. As with moms, the children will be able to identify the special and important role dad has in their lives.

The children will be sorting, counting, patterning, and matching with all these amazing math books especially written for preschoolers. They will continue developing those important math skills while having fun reading these books.

Sun, warmer weather, beach, water activities....that means summer is here!  Whether you are camping in your backyard, going on a long trip or just enjoying your town, summer is filled with fun and exciting events. 

Have you ever had a student who doesn't like bugs?....I haven't! Science books are just the beginning of  exploration and figuring out how things work, these books will increase those levels of imagination and curiosity.

Don't miss the opportunity to read a good book!