From my library...

Hi friends,

I have put together a collage of books designed to celebrate and enhance our preschool lessons. Father's Day Celebration, Science, Math and Summer.

And we begin with our next holiday, Father's Day! Through colorful illustrations, the children will  continue building their father-child relationship. As with moms, the children will be able to identify the special and important role dad has in their lives.

The children will be sorting, counting, patterning, and matching with all these amazing math books especially written for preschoolers. They will continue developing those important math skills while having fun reading these books.

Sun, warmer weather, beach, water activities....that means summer is here!  Whether you are camping in your backyard, going on a long trip or just enjoying your town, summer is filled with fun and exciting events. 

Have you ever had a student who doesn't like bugs?....I haven't! Science books are just the beginning of  exploration and figuring out how things work, these books will increase those levels of imagination and curiosity.

Don't miss the opportunity to read a good book!

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