Meet my Family...My Inspiration

Hello friends!

I just realized that I haven't "introduce" myself...silly me! I want you to meet the people who inspire me and who support me in everything I do, my family!

This is my lovely family! On the left, there's our oldest daughter Janelle, she is 11 ans she will begin her second year of middle school in the fall; my soon-to-be-4-year-old baby girl
Gigi, me, and my hubby. We will be celebrating our 14th year wedding anniversary in August!
This photo was taken at Sea World during the winter holidays, one of our family's
favorite places to go.
On the center, it's me! on my Master's program graduation back in December 2012.
On the right, there's my husband and I at the Run or Dye 5K in San Diego two months
ago...lots of fun!

Here's our princesses!
The photo on the left was taken at Balboa Park (left),  at Old Town San Diego (center), and the last one was taken at Viejas Casino Hotel, one of our favorite restaurants is located there...yummy food, especially the desserts and the king crab legs!

Here's our oldest daughter Janelle with daddy at the Little Mermaid ride at Disneyland on the left, and on the right at the Kid's Expo (with her adoptive brothers, LOL!)
The picture in the center is truly special to me, my grandparents! My grandmother is 83 and my grandpa just turned 92, aren't they adorable? They recently celebrated their 60th year wedding anniversary!

Well, this is my family, part of them. Now you can have a better idea of who I am, what to we like to do as a family and where's my inspiration comes from and translates into the classroom and my students.

Be well!

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