Student Teaching Tips!

Hello friends:

After lots of research right before I began my student teaching for my master's program I did find some interesting tips on how to 'survive' and make the best out of this experience.

Although I have been teaching for almost 10 years, this experience was terrifying to me! What if I am not able to follow the teacher's management style, what if I do not agree with her classroom philosophy? what if her teaching style was different from mine?....lots of questions running through my mind.

The pressure was on! My university required to have a minimum of 90% in order to pass, otherwise I would have to begin the process all over again...not even mentioning the tuition that I would have to pay...again!

Even though I was completely scared, I learned tons from this experience and my cooperative teacher was amazing! Very knowledgeable, resourceful and willing to help me through the process. The third graders were amazing; I was able to teach and differentiate my lessons and activities for the below, above and at level students - a wonderful learning experience for me!

Here I have compile some very valuable tips that I learned and carried me through this process in which I earned 100% . All those 3 and 4 hours of sleep nights were well worthy!

I just hope these tips will help student teachers out there to make their experience and journey amazing, like mine was!

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