Meet my Classroom

Hi friends,

I have survived my first week back to school!

The district I work in has a year-round modified schedule and we just finished our first week back. After lots of cleaning, organizing and lots of brainstorming for classroom management techniques we will be implementing in the classroom, we have survived the first week.

I have been so lucky this year, I have been placed in PreK classroom with a wonderful co-teacher, Ms. Rose. She is amazing, I truly enjoy her dedication and passion for young children and their education. I anticipate a great school year - in a great school and with an amazing co-teacher.

Here's the product of our hard work.....still in progress!

This is our art center area. Easels and drying rack accessible for the students.

Another view of our art center. The mural on the lower wall was our very first art project we did in the classroom during the first day of school - building the sense of community in the classroom.

The cal down area, equipped with a soft pillow and pictures for children to channel their emotions and providing words for their feelings as well.

Focus wall: calendar, picture routine & schedule and classroom helpers. The two squares on the left side is the place where we would write the daily objectives.

The library, intimate and cozy!

A side view of the math and manipulatives area.

This is one of my favorite areas in the classroom. This area is right in-between the focus wall (on the right) and the math wall (on the left).

I love this area as well. This is the writing center. We have the Chicka Chicka Boom Boom tree with the letters, a magnetic board on the wall and the desk with varied writing materials and papers.
I will continue the update of the progress of the classroom.

Keep learning!

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