Throwback Thursday: Magnetic letters, Wikki sticks and a FREEBIE!

Hi friends,

This is Throwback Thursday and I want to share with you some of my favorite ways to incorporate letter and name identification in my classroom.

There has always been a controversy in regards of worksheets for preschool age children. Some would say that worksheets are not developmental appropriate and some would support their opinion that those are necessary to develop specific skills such as reading and writing. Personally, I do not like to incorporate worksheets into my lesson plans, but diverse of hands-on activities reach all my little learners.

We have been introducing letters and names, letters which the kiddos are familiarized with. Using magnetic letters, my students were able to put together some words as well their names.

Using wikki sticks, the children practiced the alphabet letter formation. We discussed about letters with straight and curved lines. The wikki sticks allowed the manipulation needed to create the letters.

As we continued to explore letters, my kiddos used magnetic letters to form their own names.

Download a set of lowercase and uppercase alphabet mats here!

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Curriculum Night & Open House

Hi friends,

Aren't you glad this week is over? ....well, I am! After teaching all week...of course, staff and parent meetings, we just had two days to organize ourselves for Curriculum Night (by the way, it was a 12-hour work day!).

It was all worthy! We had a great attendance during the event and everything went smoothly.

We decided to do a "self-serve" Curriculum Night. We set 9 stations for the families to visit and explore at their own pace. Each station contained important information about our wonderful bi-lingual curriculum Frog Street Pre-K

You can download your EDITABLE station signs {here}.

Here some pics of our event!

Station #1
and information foldable

Station #3
Meet Fanny abd Freddie (the Frog Street puppets)
A sample lesson plan was available, along with teaching strategies suggested by the curriculum and year expectations.

Station #4
Felt Board: Traditional stories with a modern and current twist.
Station #5
How to read and take care of books....very informative!
Station #8
This was the hit of the night! We gave our guests playdough, bubbles and glow-in-the-dark bracelets with a custom label of the Curriculum Night.
Using very address standard labels, we created these cute and customized labels.

Please share your Open House Ideas!

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Rubber Bracelets in the Classroom

Hello friends,

Like many teachers, especially early childhood and lower grades teachers we have tried several classroom management techniques in our classrooms. This year I am teaching a Pre-K class, a very busy Pre-K class!

I am using rubber bracelets as a classroom management technique for the learning centers. 

I have hung a large center sign from the ceiling and placed a small sign on the center's shelf. Using the same color, I have a certain amount of rubber bracelets, in the case of the blocks I used yellow. 

There are 4 yellow bracelets on the blocks area, this mean that if there is no yellow bracelet available, the child needs to go to a different center until thee is a space/bracelet available. We are incorporating this strategy along with a 3-minute sand clock. The child may choose to go to a different center or start the sand clock to have a turn at this specific center.

Another busy center in our classroom is the Home-living area! On the picture above, we have four friends' hands modeling the pink bracelets designated for this center. The students are truly enjoying each one of the classroom learning centers, and enjoying having just a few friends at each center to enjoy them.

Here's another picture of the learning center sign hanging from the ceiling. I have placed an extra rubber bracelet hanging from the sign for my students to see and easily identify the center's color. This has helped avoid the mixing up the centers colors and using a yellow bracelet for a pink or bracelet center.

Have you ever used a similar system? What classroom management system best work for you? Please share :)

Keep learning!

What is CURRENTLY happening in August!

This is what is CURRENTLY happening!


Made it Monday....or Saturday!

Hi friends,

We just finished our second week back at school! Along with my wonderful co-teacher we are teaching a bilingual PreK class. This is the first school experience for most of our students, therefore we have some criers and some "runners"...please do not ask!

It has been proven that providing some sort of sensory materials such as playdough or sensory dough for the child to manage decreases the level of anxiety and stress.

I have created these How are you feeling today? playdough mats to allow our students to express themselves and handle and model playdough to make them more comfortable in their new classroom environment. I consider these mats to be a great alternative to those "w" words {worksheets}.

Tip: Print and place mats back-to-back to save paper and lamination. You may want to laminate a mat with a girl on one side and a boy on the other.

Keep learning!