Made it Monday....or Saturday!

Hi friends,

We just finished our second week back at school! Along with my wonderful co-teacher we are teaching a bilingual PreK class. This is the first school experience for most of our students, therefore we have some criers and some "runners"...please do not ask!

It has been proven that providing some sort of sensory materials such as playdough or sensory dough for the child to manage decreases the level of anxiety and stress.

I have created these How are you feeling today? playdough mats to allow our students to express themselves and handle and model playdough to make them more comfortable in their new classroom environment. I consider these mats to be a great alternative to those "w" words {worksheets}.

Tip: Print and place mats back-to-back to save paper and lamination. You may want to laminate a mat with a girl on one side and a boy on the other.

Keep learning!

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