Rubber Bracelets in the Classroom

Hello friends,

Like many teachers, especially early childhood and lower grades teachers we have tried several classroom management techniques in our classrooms. This year I am teaching a Pre-K class, a very busy Pre-K class!

I am using rubber bracelets as a classroom management technique for the learning centers. 

I have hung a large center sign from the ceiling and placed a small sign on the center's shelf. Using the same color, I have a certain amount of rubber bracelets, in the case of the blocks I used yellow. 

There are 4 yellow bracelets on the blocks area, this mean that if there is no yellow bracelet available, the child needs to go to a different center until thee is a space/bracelet available. We are incorporating this strategy along with a 3-minute sand clock. The child may choose to go to a different center or start the sand clock to have a turn at this specific center.

Another busy center in our classroom is the Home-living area! On the picture above, we have four friends' hands modeling the pink bracelets designated for this center. The students are truly enjoying each one of the classroom learning centers, and enjoying having just a few friends at each center to enjoy them.

Here's another picture of the learning center sign hanging from the ceiling. I have placed an extra rubber bracelet hanging from the sign for my students to see and easily identify the center's color. This has helped avoid the mixing up the centers colors and using a yellow bracelet for a pink or bracelet center.

Have you ever used a similar system? What classroom management system best work for you? Please share :)

Keep learning!


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