Public School Rookie Teacher Diary: Part 1

Hi friends,

Although I have been teaching for almost 10 years, this is my very first experience in the public setting. I decided to record my experiences as a public school rookie teacher.

Here I go, after several applications and interviews during this last summer, I finally received the call I was hoping for. My interview was scheduled for Friday afternoon. I was greeted by the school's principal, associate principal, early childhood director and my potential co-teacher....very overwhelmed experience! Everything went great and I was offered the position the following Monday (5 days before school began)...I was so excited. 

My next step was to schedule fingerprints and physical exams, TB tests, etc. I was finally cleared that Friday and was able to begin school as scheduled. 

I arrived into my new classroom....felt so surreal! and met my now-officially co-teacher again; from the beginning she has been extremely helpful and willing to inform me of all the district's policies and regulations - I guess I am very lucky! We promptly began to organize the classroom and plan for the upcoming school year. We also went to the district's office to pick up our students' files.....this is when I realized it was really happening!

During the first day of school, it was only a parent orientation. Along with the Head Start director and coordinator we informed the parents about schedules, policies, curriculum to be used and general school information they needed to know. 

Funny thing, when I was interviewed and hired I was not aware of lots of many other teachers, I guess :) Our school schedule was Monday through Thursday only....sweet! Fridays was for paperwork....yeah!, planning....amazing! and home-visits....WHAT?!?!? I was completely unaware of this little detail! But it didn't turn out so bad, we are performing the home-visits along with our assessments in the classroom....what a relief!

We have been in session for 6 weeks now and I loved every minute of it! We began the first three weeks with the district's All Aboard Curriculum, which focuses on classroom expectations and social-emotional tools for school readiness. I have been to two district's training so far and had a Curriculum Night....all that in just 6 short weeks! 

While San Diego Unified District is getting ready to begin the school year on 9/3, in Chula Vista Elementary School District we are getting ready for our two-week fall break coming soon....just 3 more weeks!  

I am sure there will be many more things that I am not aware of that I will be discovering along the way, in the meantime I will continue enjoying my sweet babies and learning and absorbing everything that I can!

I will continue with my <Public School Rookie Teacher Diary> after we come back from our vacation to Puerto Rico, I am loving year-round school schedule!

Care to share some of your teaching discoveries with us?

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