Name, Name

Hi friends,

These past couple of weeks have been very busy for me. I was reviewed for CLASS - Classroom Assessment Scoring System, received two new students and finished assessing my students on ASQ and ASQ-SE - Ages and Stages Questionnaire. We've been in session for 8 weeks already - well, just one more week before our two--week fall break, let's hang in there!

Besides the battery of assessments these past weeks, my kiddos and I have been very busy in our classroom practicing the letters in our names in different ways.

We began by learning a chant about names.

Because the letters in the child's names are the ones that are the most meaningful, we explored the letters in different ways. We used the WONDERFUL Phonic Watches - you can find more information {HERE}.
The watches were used to introduce the letter/sound A. Each one of my students wore the watch all day and couldn't stop looking at them...mission accomplished!!!

We also practiced tracing names following yellow marker.

 Letters on bottle caps was a great hit in the classroom, as well as name puzzles! I wrote letters on circle-shaped stickers and then placed them on the bottle caps.

 As part of our parent involvement program, the students have homework. The name puzzle was an activity sent as homework this week. It involved cutting, gluing and accommodating the letters of their names in the correct order - they did great I must say.

The writing notebooks is also homework. Each week the students are giving a topic to draw a picture about and the parents take dictation of their work -   oh my, the things they say.....that's for another post :)

How do you practice names in your classroom?

Keep learning!

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