Public School Rookie Teacher Diary CLASS - Part 2

Hi friends,

This is the continuation of my rookie teacher diary. Everyday I find out new things that I did not have any knowledge about - not necessarily negative, but things that I was just not aware of.

We just attended a training last Friday, very informative and valuable for us. Some things that I have just learned is that the classroom is not being cleaned on a daily basis...I know that some teachers experience similar situations with custodians personnel, but it was just something that I wasn't expecting, so naive! you may think!

We are part of the school district and we are also partnership with Head Start, we have different deadlines and requirements that other preschools in the district..go figure!

New teachers are assessed and reviewed by CLASS: Classroom Assessment Scoring System, to learn more about CLASS click {HERE}. Well, after being given a one-week window for my review, I got reviewed and received my results on Friday. I would say, I did pretty good! very proud of myself!

I was very relieved to learn that a first-year teacher (in the public system) did much better than veteran teachers. The review itself was a  bit overwhelming. The reviewer stood a couple feet away from me and was taking notes of her findings and observations without a peep coming out of her mouth.

I decided to celebrate my first public school rookie teacher success with a freebie!
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Till the next one!

Keep learning,

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