Five Fall-y Activities

Hello again,

Like I mentioned in a previous post, my kiddos are literally obsessed with anything pumpkin! They even ask if the cafeteria lady would make pumpkin pie for them....really?! That left me to come up with fall-inspired activities that would ease this obsession...I'm sure they will be obsessed about hats next week.....they are really random!

To begin with, in this activity, I am using the pumpkin seeds I dyed (see 10/11/13 post for directions). The mini pumpkins (purchased at the Dollar Tree store) are perfect to place the seeds. Each pumpkin has a number, which the students need to place the correct amount of seeds inside.

On a more Fall-y note, this activity also promotes one-to-one correspondence. The children should put the correct amount of leaves on the trees.
These pumpkin play-dough mats are great to promote imagination in creating their own "carving".

The Pumpkin poem. The pumpkin will have a smile and eyes cutout and will be placed as a smile or frown...according to the poem.

This is my fave! spooky spiders inside GAK. To maintain the circular form, I stored the GAK with the spider inside in individual circular plastic containers. They will be investigating and exploring using their magnifying glasses.

I just wonder what their next obsession would be?

Keep learning!

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