Monstober Monday...and a FREEBIE!

Hi friends,

Where did the summer go? We have welcomed fall, our fall break has ended, and furloughs are all over the nation...well, that's for another blog!

As soon you see everything made out of pumpkin is when you realize that October has arrived. Fall is my favorite season! Fall festivals everywhere, great weather, the leaves and its amazing colors and of course Halloween!

Today was our first day back after our two-week fall break. I went to visit my family in Puerto Rico...lots of beach, sand, and sun...had a blast! Well, vacation is over and we're back in school!

My kiddos also love Halloween, and I have prepared some goodies for them, to get into the fall/Halloween spirit!

I intend to use this 10 frame activity with my kiddos during math to assess one-to-one correspondence. Parent teacher conferences are around the corner!
Grab your freebie {HERE}.

Stay tuned for more Halloween inspired classroom activities!
Keep learning!


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