Pet Rocks!

 Hi friends,

Like you, we've been very busy these days. This week we participated in the California Emergency Drill, we finished our DRDP assessments, and I had 9 parent teacher conferences. Next week will be as packed as this one with a few more conferences, dental screenings, curriculum training, IEP meetings and many other things that will definitely are not in our lesson plan book :)

Besides this week's busyness we had a ton of fun learning about pets!

We began our week "writing" some vocabulary words. We used magnetic letters and playdough.

Pet Rocks!
This cute pets were amazing! My kiddos created their own pets, they painted the rocks and glued on some googgley eyes. Some of them even names their "pets"... Rocky, Rocco, Blacky, and Tiny....aren't these cute?! The best part of this pets is that they do not need feeding, to be walked or get their litter box changed! LOL!
What is your favorite pet?

Keep learning!

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