Pumpkins and Brushes

Hi friends,

To feed into the fall-spirit of my class, I decided to bring some of the beautiful San Diego nature into our art projects and into our classroom.

Using craft sticks, I stapled four silk leaved to be used as brushes when we explore the different colors of the fall.
Will keep you updated with the response of my kiddos.
As part of this week's homework, the students took a pumpkin home and were encouraged to work with their family members decorating the pumpkin. These are just some of the amazing collection of one-of-a-kind art pieces decorating our classroom.
We spent the last 15 minutes today "showing off" our pumpkins with the class! They talked about what they did, how and who helped them. Both parents and students .....and of course, the teacher were very excited about this assignment

Stay tuned for updates!

Keep learning,

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