Sensory Exploration Saturday

Hi friends,

This post will be short and sweet, just like my week! In honor to this fun holiday, I have come up with a very exciting sensory table idea which my kiddos loved!

This specific sensory table idea targets the needs of most of my kiddos. To start with, we have color matching - using the same colored -materials, tweezers and tub. Fine motor skills were also practiced with the use of the tweezers. The children were encouraged to use the tweezers to get the pumpkin seeds and put them inside the small plastic pumpkins (which I previously posted, along with the instructions to dye the seeds).
The yellow, green and red leaves were a combination of real and silk leaves - which we practiced classification and sensory exploration.

How's your fall-inspired activities going? Any big plans for Halloween? We are having a book character parade...that should be fun...stay tuned!

Keep learning!


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