Made it Monday & {FREEBIE: Christmas Packet}

Hi friends,

I am sure you all have tried some of the recipes for paint, playdough, paint, flubber or glue on Pinterest, I know I have too! I am always in the search for great sensory/manipulative materials for my kiddos (at home and in the classroom) to explore and experiment.

My favorite recipes are the ones that involve all of the senses enabling and stimulating the sense of smell.

From almost 300 recipes for learning and exploring, I can say I have tried a third of those. Some have not been successful at all and some have been a success in my classroom (and at home).
Cloud dough was the recipe that I tried and loved it! I found this recipe from Paging fun Mums! For only $2.00 I was able to provide my children with hours of exploration and away from the TV or the computer...even my 12-year-old!\

You only need 1 cup of hair conditioner (any brand will do) and 2 cups of cornflour. You can add food coloring and glitter if you'd like. Mix it all together and have fun! It can be easily stored in a plastic container air-tight sealed and lasts for  long time. We are still using the batch we made over a month ago.

On another note.....I reached 1,500 followers on excited! I am celebrating this accomplishment with a great Christmas FREEBIE!
Download your FREEBIE {{HERE}}

Please share what is the best school recipe you've tried from Pinterest!

Keep learning!


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