Back to school....not yet!

Hello friends!

Many of you will be returning to school on Monday, well I still have one more excited about that. but better yet, we have two short weeks in-a-row...sweet!

Well, I went into my classroom today, just for a little while, and stayed for almost 5 hours. I had to de-Cristmas the classroom, organize and rotate the materials: books, toys, math manipulatives, puzzles, outside toys, puppets, and work on the word wall....still a work in progress.

I also had to gather some paperwork for our DRDP assessments coming up soon and organize my instructional materials I use on a daily basis.

I will begin the new year with a review of our classroom expectations, be safe, friendly and respectful, which are the pillars of our Socio-emotional curriculum - All Aboard.

Also, for this new semester I am looking into creating a pen/picture pal with another pre-kindergarten classroom. I have been contacting some teachers I know and we are evaluating the idea...very exciting!

On another note, my family and I spent New Year's in San Francisco, beautiful city! We were able to see and walk on the Golden Gate Bridge, the Bay Bridge, the Candlestick football field and the AT&T Baseball park. We also booked a two-day hop-on hop-off tour which had 17 stops and you could explore the city on your was great!

Back to reality now! This week my four-year-old will be going back to school and I will take advantage of the peace and quite around the house for lesson planning and assessments....yeah, I know, our work is never done....but I love it!

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Keep learning!

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