Breathing and waiting! - Public School Rookie Teacher Diary Part 3

Hi friends:

I would not think that I would need a three-day weekend just after being back to school for only a week, but I sure needed it! We started school this past Tuesday and it was just a super busy week. One new student, and some news that shook my ground.

There was so many things that I was just not expecting when I began teaching in the public school system...and I'm sure that's there is a lot more coming my way!

Only two days ago, I found out, (I guess it was just me because other teachers, from other schools already knew!) my school, only my site will be switching from all-year-round schedule to traditional for the upcoming 2014-2015 school year. A construction will be going on this summer and they need more time than just six/seven weeks that normally we have for summer break - instead we will be finishing the first week in June and will be back the day after Labor Day. Wow, I just don't know any more details about this change, but surely have lots of questions. What will happen to our contract? Are we going to be placed at another school until we begin in September? So many questions running through my head.

Some teachers will be subbing for the rest of the schools that will begin in that means that we won't be under contract until September?!?! 

I just wanted to share my week with you and know if any of you have experience something like this in your school district. I'm very glad my school was granted those funds for improvement our campus, it was in need - I just wish there was more information available for the teachers. Well, I just have to sit tight and wait.

Breathing and waiting! 

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