Dr. Seuss Activities

Hello friends,

Are you as excited as I am for next week? I have always loved Dr. Seuss' books; its hard to pick a favorite but Are you my Mother?, The Cat in the Hat and Hop on Pop are definitely on the top of my list.

Thank you to one of my wonderful classroom volunteer, I was able to put together some great activities for my kiddos for this week.

Here's my talented mom volunteer at work! She was able to draw and create Thing 1 and Thing 2 for a photo stop for the students to enjoy with their parents this week. Isn't she talented?!

Would you eat them in a box? Would you eat them with a fox? Any way you rather eat them, make sure your students enjoy this activity. This activity is intended for the kiddos to flip an egg and find its match. So fun!

Grab your "The Cat in the Hat" Bilingual Math product {{HERE}}.

Stay tuned for more fun activities.

Keep learning!
"Fun is Good" ~Dr. Seuss


Party Time!

Hello friends,

I am sure you are all thinking about going on a diet after eating all of those chocolates during this long weekend...I know I am! My students and families were so generous and I truly felt the love and the sense of community in the classroom.

This week was one of the best weeks so far this year! I planned a special Valentine's Day inspired activity each day, which my kiddos just loved!

Our biggest celebration was on Thursday (Friday was a Holiday for us!). We had a Valentine's card exchange, sang love and friendship songs, read friendship books and had a yummy treat.
These are the treat bags the kiddos decorated to store their Valentine's.
Honestly, it was a lot of work, but definitely fun! I could not have done it without the support of my wonderful mom volunteers Mrs. Mayra and Mrs. Alma - you ladies are amazing! We are so lucky to have you in our classroom and share the passion and dedication for our children.

How did your week go?

Keep learning & keep spreading the love!


Valentine's Day present for my kiddos!

Hello again!

I have been thinking to what to gift my kiddos for Valentine's Day. I wanted it to be something that they could spend some time at home doing - and some parent involvement and definitely no candy or chocolates...they will get plenty for sure.

Yesterday morning I went shopping with my girls and ended up at Michael's. After almost thirty minutes walking down the aisles, I found IT. These amazing wooden figures are just what I was looking for.
For a whopping 60 cents I was able to get a wooden figure with its own stand and three markers to decorate it.

I wanted to give it a personal touch and decided to remove the factory label at the top and replace it with my own.
Download yours {{HERE}}.
The FREEBIE has two different sets to choose from, English, in color or black and white, and Spanish as well.
Keep spreading the love!