Love is in the air.....and a FREEBIE!

Hello friends,

These past weeks have been crazy busy! Assessments, conferences, deadlines, Kindergarten readiness meetings, and several unexpected events....the typical life of a teacher! Putting all that aside, I am very excited to have an upcoming holiday to celebrate in the classroom.

My kiddos and I began preparing for our Valentine's Day classroom celebration this week. We all are super excited! Here's a peek of our preparations:

Using straws, heart shapes cutouts and string, we are creating patterned necklaces. They are also practicing lacing and developing fine motor skills. This activity was based on the idea of Tons of Fun Preschool Activities blog.

This one was a huge success! The students traced and cut the hearts. They also wrote "I love you" and "Te Amo" on the sentence strip. To finalize this masterpiece, they glued teh hears onto the paper and clip it with a clothespin. Isn't this cute?!? I love how this turned out, I'm sure the parents are going to appreciate it!

Our math center this week was all about number sense and one-to-one correspondence. Using heart shaped cookie cutters, the students stamped the amount on each strip of paper. 

This upcoming week will be more fun activities in our classroom, stay tuned!
In the meantime, grab your uppercase and lowercase letters of the alphabet matching game {{HERE}}.

Spread the love and keep learning!

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