Valentine's Day present for my kiddos!

Hello again!

I have been thinking to what to gift my kiddos for Valentine's Day. I wanted it to be something that they could spend some time at home doing - and some parent involvement and definitely no candy or chocolates...they will get plenty for sure.

Yesterday morning I went shopping with my girls and ended up at Michael's. After almost thirty minutes walking down the aisles, I found IT. These amazing wooden figures are just what I was looking for.
For a whopping 60 cents I was able to get a wooden figure with its own stand and three markers to decorate it.

I wanted to give it a personal touch and decided to remove the factory label at the top and replace it with my own.
Download yours {{HERE}}.
The FREEBIE has two different sets to choose from, English, in color or black and white, and Spanish as well.
Keep spreading the love!

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