Spring Cleaning Sale!

Hello friends,

Two posts in a row...that's an accomplishment for me! Well, I just want to invite you all to my first sale of the year, The Spring Cleaning 20% off Sale on my TpT Store. Come on over and stuck up everything you need!

Sale ends April 3rd.

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Keep on learning and cleaning!


Beginning Sounds

Hi friends,

Here it is! On sale just for a few hours today!

Bilingual Sound it! Color it!
Upper and lower case letters filled with picture to identify the beginning sound and color the pictures, in English and Spanish!

BONUS: ASL signs for each letter

Key for each worksheet

Grab yours {{HERE}}.

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Birthday surprise!

Hello friends,

One week gone and one to go....of our Spring Break! I can finally relax, sleep in, and catch up with my house work as well my school work....yeah right! Well, a girl can dream....ahhh!

The week before going on break was my birthday and one of my students - on the same day! I was not anticipating anything special in the classroom, maybe a treat, sing happy birthday and go on with our day. 

To my surprise, our school secretary calls me to inform me that our principal was on his way to our classroom to show us a safety video. At that moment, our kiddos were playing at the centers when I received this call - so I had a little heart attached right there!

We broke record that day with our cleaning up time - in less than 5 minutes the room looked impeccable! The principal walks in along with the IT guy, and set up all of their gadgets. And this is when I realized it was not a safety video. It was an amazing collection of videos and pictures one of my room moms had made for me for my birthday. I was just surprised that she involved so many people to celebrate this important day for me, and I am so grateful for that!

Tears began to come out and lots of ooohhh's and awww's! 

Then some parents walked in with these yummy cupcakes! At that moment, all I could think of was about our district's wellness policy, which means only healthy snacks for special occasions and no cupcakes. But, my room moms are very smart, they have asked about the cupcakes and they got their ok'd.

 I will never forget this amazing day!


Spring has Sprung!

Hello my friends,

During my spring break I set a goal for myself to create 5 products...well, I just need to finish them. If you see my desktop you'd think that has been hacked.....too many in-progress projects! So, I just finished my Spring Bilingual Math product - 4 more to go!

This product has: 
AB and ABC pattern practice
Maze (2 different types of difficulty)
Identify differences
More or less
Number cards (English) 1-10
Number cards (Spanish) 1-10
Number cards (pictures) 1-10
BINGO cards: with pictures and numbers (a variety of 6 cards)

Get your Spring fever{{HERE}}.

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Car Wash Fun!

Hi friends,

It's Spring Break! Doesn't it feel nice to turn off your alarm clock for two WHOLE weeks?! That was the first I did when I woke up yesterday....just in case I'd forget to do it Sunday night...yeah right!

I wanted to send my students home with a great memory that would last for a long time, right before their break. We learned about transportation and created a car wash on our playground. It has been the most successful pretend play activity we've had so far! It kinda sets the bar higher and higher...poor me!

This wonderful idea was put into action by my classroom volunteers: Ms. Alma, Mr. Jorge and Ms. Mayra...aren't they creative?!

And off they went!
We used empty car board boxes for the structure of the car wash and covered them with black paper. A curtain rod was placed on top of the boxes to keep them together and to hang the blue streamers from.

I am sure going to miss this group of amazing students and their parents when they go to kindergarten!

Keep learning!


First Day of Spring!

Hello friends,

I kinda feel bad for blogging about Spring and Spring Break having so many fellow teachers, especially on the east coast with temperatures below 40 and having to work through Spring Break to make up for snow days....thinking about you guys!

Well, here in Sunny San Diego we are celebrating the first day of Spring and counting the hours for our well-deserved two-week break!

This week we go to celebrate six different birthdays this week, including mine this will take an entire post, even my school principal, secretary and IT specialist were involved, it was amazing!...stay tuned.

We used these cute Easter eggs and filled them up with the letters of each student's name and last name.
I wrote each name on the outside to be able to identify each egg easily.

Happy Spring and keep learning!


Happy Birthday to us!

Hi friends,

I have always had the desire to write and share my crazy classroom ideas with fellow teachers and parents. A year ago, I took the leap and began my writing journey. I wanted this adventure to begin on a spacial day, and I chose March 17 - in commemoration of my grandmother's birthday and my birthday also.

I feel I have come a long way. I look back and read my first blog posts and OMG!!, did I really do that....and..... why?!? (I think I'm blushing!). I have written about yard sales findings, art projects, math, phonics, science experiments, and my journey as a first-year teacher in the public school system, among many other things a teacher experience throughout her teaching career.

I feel very excited to have this opportunity and to reach so many people though my blog, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook. I also feel very blessed to be able to share my experiences and learn from all of those wonderful teachers out there that work very hard and always have a smile on their faces. Thank you for inspiring me in creating this blog and sharing your talent, knowledge and experiences with the world.

Keep learning!


Oh, All the things that we do! and a FREEBIE!

Hello friends,

This week is going great! On Monday, we began learning about Dr. Seuss and his books and read The Cat in the Hat - everyone went home with a mask of the cat...it was adorable!

 We also described the cat (inspired by Fabulous in First!)

Later on during the day, we introduced One Fish, Two Fish, Blue Fish, Red, Fish and we adopted our new class pet, Willy! The kiddos loved to feed him and make fishy faces at him.

And the rhyming words of course are mandatory if you are learning about Dr. Seuss. Here's my FREEBIE to help you in this week's celebration!

Get your rhyming on {{HERE}}.
"Today was good. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one". ~ Dr. Seuss

Keep learning!