Car Wash Fun!

Hi friends,

It's Spring Break! Doesn't it feel nice to turn off your alarm clock for two WHOLE weeks?! That was the first I did when I woke up yesterday....just in case I'd forget to do it Sunday night...yeah right!

I wanted to send my students home with a great memory that would last for a long time, right before their break. We learned about transportation and created a car wash on our playground. It has been the most successful pretend play activity we've had so far! It kinda sets the bar higher and higher...poor me!

This wonderful idea was put into action by my classroom volunteers: Ms. Alma, Mr. Jorge and Ms. Mayra...aren't they creative?!

And off they went!
We used empty car board boxes for the structure of the car wash and covered them with black paper. A curtain rod was placed on top of the boxes to keep them together and to hang the blue streamers from.

I am sure going to miss this group of amazing students and their parents when they go to kindergarten!

Keep learning!

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