Cubes and a FREEBIE!

Hello again,

We recently finished assessing our kiddos, and one of our findings was they needed extra support in identifying numbers 1-20 (mostly 10-20). Taking advantage of the fact they enjoy playing and exploring Unifix cubes, I created this product with their needs in mind.

I printed the cards on card stock paper (and will laminate...soon!). This little guy went above and beyond and tried to also make a pattern with the cubes, awesome!!

Grab your FREEBIE {{HERE}}.

Enjoy and keep learning!


Day of the Child Celebration!

Hello friends,

Yesterday our town celebrated the Day of the Child. The park was filled with lots of booths, family support information, child and youth development, health and safety awareness, and food and fun activities. 

The day began with some fun songs and the presentation of the Book: One by Kathryn Otoshi.

My school district also had a booth with information about preschool enrollment and and fun sensory activities for the little ones (and not so little ones!).

This was the district's booth. Loved to see our students in a new environment. The were so surprised to see us there!

The sensory experiences available for the children were accompanied by an informational flyer that explained the importance of sensory play in child's development.

These color blobs are non-toxic polymers. Super fun!!

The next table had bird and rabbit food in which we exercise several of our senses.
This was the hit of the day among children and adults, the Goop table. It was just a mixture of cornstarch and water.
This was a great family event. Many professionals came together to offer their services and products to our community. And the best part was that everything was done for our children.

Keep learning!


Not-candy Filled Easter Eggs!

Hi friends,

How many egg hunting events have you attended the past few weeks?....Just a few?! Well, Easter is turning into a very over-the-top candy-filled holiday around here. Because of that, I decided to send my kiddos home this week with Gak-filled eggs! They just loved it!

These little cuties were from my local dollar store (4 for one dollar). 

Earlier this week, we practiced our names and last names using these eggs. Each egg contained their names cut into pieces, like a puzzle, and we worked putting it together.
Then, we made Gak in the classroom and used it to fill the eggs with it:

Here's my easy Gak recipe:
Keep learning!


Get your 3D Glasses on!

Good morning friends,

What a day! Today I had 11 parent teacher conferences, plus one that was scheduled for next week and mom got confused and wanted to have her conference today, and a very important meeting with our Principal in regards of this summer's massive school modernization. 

When I thought the week was over, I was gathering my stuff to head home at 4:00 pm and the custodians show up with over 20 boxes of materials and supplies we ordered last week....surprised!
Do not get me wrong, who doesn't love when what you purchased finally arrives, but Friday afternoon....well, amazing!

Well, enough of that! During math this week we learned about three-dimensional shapes and we made 3D models to better comprehend this concept.

Using play dough and toothpicks, we created our three-dimensional shapes, isn't this cool!?
I loved the final product. 

How did your week go?

Keep learning!


That Special Child...

Hello friends,

I just had two amazing weeks of Spring Break. Our family did a lot of local parks and activities and we spent three days at Disneyland...two days too many.....joking! I loved every minute of it. Almost 30 hours walking and rides, is enough for this mommy. Now time for everyone to go back to school and work.

Talking about school, I was thinking about those first students I had in my very first classroom. There has always been that child that somehow has a very special place in my heart. I just hope that each one of the children that I have had the privilege to work with are great citizens with values and love for learning.

As I enter my 10th year teaching (after being managing schools for almost 4 years), I constantly think about my students. My very first class of preschoolers are in middle school now....time goes by really fast!

This year, a very special little girl has already a spot in my heart. She is strong-willed, smart, beautiful, funny..she is amazing! Besides English, she also speaks Spanish and ASL. Like me, the rest of the class is very excited and eager to learn more words in ASL, they have already learned the numbers, colors, some animals and some short songs as well!

My knowledge on ASL is limited, therefore I am inspired by her to learn ASL and create products that will meet her specific needs.

Download your {{Gen&Sis}} copy {{HERE}}.

Keep learning!