Get your 3D Glasses on!

Good morning friends,

What a day! Today I had 11 parent teacher conferences, plus one that was scheduled for next week and mom got confused and wanted to have her conference today, and a very important meeting with our Principal in regards of this summer's massive school modernization. 

When I thought the week was over, I was gathering my stuff to head home at 4:00 pm and the custodians show up with over 20 boxes of materials and supplies we ordered last week....surprised!
Do not get me wrong, who doesn't love when what you purchased finally arrives, but Friday afternoon....well, amazing!

Well, enough of that! During math this week we learned about three-dimensional shapes and we made 3D models to better comprehend this concept.

Using play dough and toothpicks, we created our three-dimensional shapes, isn't this cool!?
I loved the final product. 

How did your week go?

Keep learning!

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