All About Me Museum!

Hi friends,

This All About Me Museum box is an alternative to regular worksheets. This compilation of the child's favorite things can be displayed in the classroom as three-dimensional art for everyone to appreciate.

This little cutie is my youngest daughter, Gigi. At this very moment, (tomorrow maybe a different story!) she is into bugs - that is what she chose bug stickers, also she is taking dance class (middle picture) and the right picture she ready for the Hula dance.

I opened one side of a milk box (any type of box would work as well, specially a shoe box!). 

With our help, she had to collect things around the house that represents her. Small items are great too, for example a toy car, a sea shell, photos, drawings and environmental print would work for this project. She decorated the box with the materials she collected and added her personal touch!

If I do an All About Me Museum I think I would choose a water bottle (always drinking water) sand or a sea shell, a Kit Kat wrapper, a pencil or a stylus, a note from my kiddos and a nail polish! 
So random, right!?

What would you put in your very own All About Me Museum box?

Keep learning!


Pre-K Memory Book

Hello friends,

With the end of the school year quickly approaching lots of fun end-of-the-year activities are taking over my classroom! On Thursday, we visited a bilingual kindergarten classroom in our school. My kiddos were amazed to be in "the big kid's classroom". The kindergarten teacher did a mini circle time with her class and we were invited to participate. We waked around the classroom and asked some questions such as: "what do you eat for lunch in kindergarten", very important question!

Our youngest daughter, Gigi, will be entering kindergarten next year as well. And yesterday morning, she had her bilingual kindergarten assessment. I was so nervous for her, she was very excited!

I want to make my kiddos Moving up! ceremony special and memorable for the parents. I put together a very easy to do memory book with photos and work samples to take home.

Using the 18 x 12 construction papers in different colors I was able to make this cute memory book.
Place the letter at the right-end of the paper and trace it. Cut the outline of the letter leaving the left side attached to the rest of the paper.

Here's the book measurements:
P - 10 inches height by 14.5 inches
(2 inches will be to fold over and staple or bind the book)
r - 10 x 14 inches
e - 10 x 16 inches
k - 10 x 18 inches

To make this memory book, I used these stencil letters. The uppercase letters are 10 inches long and the lowercase are 7 inches long.
I maximized the space by placing photos and work samples on both sides of the paper.
I also used some cutouts to decorate the book.
Some of the children's artwork needed to be cut to fit the memory book.
The last step is to laminate it for durability.

Keep learning!


Public School Rookie Teacher Diary: Part 4

Hi friends,

Well, well, it's been a terrific year for me! I have enjoyed every minute of this amazing journey. I have met and worked with dedicated and caring teachers. I just realized that I only have 11 days left to spend with my wonderful group of students...where did the time go?!

During this year I faced many challenges and unexpected situations that ended up being learning experiences for me.

Today we had our last Early Childhood staff meeting of this school year. Our new director ended this year with very exciting news for the upcoming year. My classroom will be an inclusion program for the inclusion year! So, there's a good chance I will teach a bilingual inclusion program.....isn't this exciting?! We have been doing special day class inclusion this year, but it has been for about 30 minutes each day, and now will be part of our regular program.

Along with my school, other three schools will be doing inclusion at their classrooms. Some teachers were thrilled with the news and some weren't. It was a load of information for us to process. All I know is that I am willing and ready for this amazing opportunity and excited for the challenges ahead of me!

I will be enjoying this 11 days with my students and making sure we end this school year strong and filled with long lasting happy memories!

Keep learning!


Interactive Story Map

Hello friends,

As our last weeks of school are quickly approaching, we are focused on our end-of-the-year celebration. We intend to prepare a modified version of the Three Little Pigs story to present that day.

To enhance the story comprehension of my students, specially my ELL students, we worked together and created an interactive story map of the Three Little Pigs.

As one student moves up on the story, another child points at the picture and together they retell the story.
This amazing map is part of our daily centers and rotations to promote reading comprehension, team work, and ability to retell a story with beginning, middle and end.

Keep learning!


Happy Mother's Day!

Hello friends,

My kiddos worked very hard for several weeks to put together a special presentation for their moms, grandmas and special women in their lives.

Each one did such a fabulous job singing and signing the following songs: Hola Jardin!Cancion del Dia de las Madres and finished up by inviting all of our guests to dance the Chicken Dance with us!

Each one put in their best work into their present for their moms. They made love necklaces and a hand print card. Lots of oohhs from the moms accompanied by lots of hugs and kisses.

We provided refreshments for the students and guests as well.
Our goal was to honor these amazing women and their important role in their children's lives!

Happy Mother's Day!!


Letter Recognition

Hello friends, 

Have you started the countdown for summer yet?! Well, can't say I haven't :/ The end of the school year quickly approaches and we are focusing on the "basics". I just finished assessing my kiddos, and some of them still need help mastering the letter recognition. 

Cleaning my desk, I found a very old, yellowed-page old word search book, and for some reason I just stared at it - and had the idea to create a giant letter-search activity for the class.

I placed the pieces of an alphabet puzzle in a basket. Each child would pick a letter from the basket, make its sound, sign it (ASL) and tell a word that begins with that sound.
Using a chart paper, I wrote multiple times the letters of the alphabet. Each time a child picked a letter would find it on the chart and circle it.

Scaffolding this activity for some of my students, I provide a blank chart paper and they will write the letter pulled from the basket.

This was a very fun and simple letter recognition activity. After this, we are doing this activity with numbers, pictures and ASL much fun!!

Keep learning,