All About Me Museum!

Hi friends,

This All About Me Museum box is an alternative to regular worksheets. This compilation of the child's favorite things can be displayed in the classroom as three-dimensional art for everyone to appreciate.

This little cutie is my youngest daughter, Gigi. At this very moment, (tomorrow maybe a different story!) she is into bugs - that is what she chose bug stickers, also she is taking dance class (middle picture) and the right picture she ready for the Hula dance.

I opened one side of a milk box (any type of box would work as well, specially a shoe box!). 

With our help, she had to collect things around the house that represents her. Small items are great too, for example a toy car, a sea shell, photos, drawings and environmental print would work for this project. She decorated the box with the materials she collected and added her personal touch!

If I do an All About Me Museum I think I would choose a water bottle (always drinking water) sand or a sea shell, a Kit Kat wrapper, a pencil or a stylus, a note from my kiddos and a nail polish! 
So random, right!?

What would you put in your very own All About Me Museum box?

Keep learning!

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