Letter Recognition

Hello friends, 

Have you started the countdown for summer yet?! Well, can't say I haven't :/ The end of the school year quickly approaches and we are focusing on the "basics". I just finished assessing my kiddos, and some of them still need help mastering the letter recognition. 

Cleaning my desk, I found a very old, yellowed-page old word search book, and for some reason I just stared at it - and had the idea to create a giant letter-search activity for the class.

I placed the pieces of an alphabet puzzle in a basket. Each child would pick a letter from the basket, make its sound, sign it (ASL) and tell a word that begins with that sound.
Using a chart paper, I wrote multiple times the letters of the alphabet. Each time a child picked a letter would find it on the chart and circle it.

Scaffolding this activity for some of my students, I provide a blank chart paper and they will write the letter pulled from the basket.

This was a very fun and simple letter recognition activity. After this, we are doing this activity with numbers, pictures and ASL signs....so much fun!!

Keep learning,

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