Letter Recognition

Hello friends, 

Have you started the countdown for summer yet?! Well, can't say I haven't :/ The end of the school year quickly approaches and we are focusing on the "basics". I just finished assessing my kiddos, and some of them still need help mastering the letter recognition. 

Cleaning my desk, I found a very old, yellowed-page old word search book, and for some reason I just stared at it - and had the idea to create a giant letter-search activity for the class.

I placed the pieces of an alphabet puzzle in a basket. Each child would pick a letter from the basket, make its sound, sign it (ASL) and tell a word that begins with that sound.
Using a chart paper, I wrote multiple times the letters of the alphabet. Each time a child picked a letter would find it on the chart and circle it.

Scaffolding this activity for some of my students, I provide a blank chart paper and they will write the letter pulled from the basket.

This was a very fun and simple letter recognition activity. After this, we are doing this activity with numbers, pictures and ASL signs....so much fun!!

Keep learning,


  1. Simple, engaging, and effective! This activity can also be used as a small group activity... which is what I think I'm going to use it for! I love that it can be scaffolded in a way that children can practice letter sounds and word associations. Thanks for sharing!

    I is for Inspire

  2. Our next step is to use it with sight words! Thank you for your comment Jacqueline!