Pre-K Memory Book

Hello friends,

With the end of the school year quickly approaching lots of fun end-of-the-year activities are taking over my classroom! On Thursday, we visited a bilingual kindergarten classroom in our school. My kiddos were amazed to be in "the big kid's classroom". The kindergarten teacher did a mini circle time with her class and we were invited to participate. We waked around the classroom and asked some questions such as: "what do you eat for lunch in kindergarten", very important question!

Our youngest daughter, Gigi, will be entering kindergarten next year as well. And yesterday morning, she had her bilingual kindergarten assessment. I was so nervous for her, she was very excited!

I want to make my kiddos Moving up! ceremony special and memorable for the parents. I put together a very easy to do memory book with photos and work samples to take home.

Using the 18 x 12 construction papers in different colors I was able to make this cute memory book.
Place the letter at the right-end of the paper and trace it. Cut the outline of the letter leaving the left side attached to the rest of the paper.

Here's the book measurements:
P - 10 inches height by 14.5 inches
(2 inches will be to fold over and staple or bind the book)
r - 10 x 14 inches
e - 10 x 16 inches
k - 10 x 18 inches

To make this memory book, I used these stencil letters. The uppercase letters are 10 inches long and the lowercase are 7 inches long.
I maximized the space by placing photos and work samples on both sides of the paper.
I also used some cutouts to decorate the book.
Some of the children's artwork needed to be cut to fit the memory book.
The last step is to laminate it for durability.

Keep learning!

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