Public School Rookie Teacher Diary: Part 4

Hi friends,

Well, well, it's been a terrific year for me! I have enjoyed every minute of this amazing journey. I have met and worked with dedicated and caring teachers. I just realized that I only have 11 days left to spend with my wonderful group of students...where did the time go?!

During this year I faced many challenges and unexpected situations that ended up being learning experiences for me.

Today we had our last Early Childhood staff meeting of this school year. Our new director ended this year with very exciting news for the upcoming year. My classroom will be an inclusion program for the inclusion year! So, there's a good chance I will teach a bilingual inclusion program.....isn't this exciting?! We have been doing special day class inclusion this year, but it has been for about 30 minutes each day, and now will be part of our regular program.

Along with my school, other three schools will be doing inclusion at their classrooms. Some teachers were thrilled with the news and some weren't. It was a load of information for us to process. All I know is that I am willing and ready for this amazing opportunity and excited for the challenges ahead of me!

I will be enjoying this 11 days with my students and making sure we end this school year strong and filled with long lasting happy memories!

Keep learning!

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