Small Journals for Small Hands

Hello friends,

Three week into my summer break and I'm still on "teacher-mode". I have been stalking looking at blogs and Pinterest boards for ideas on journals for young students. Tons of wonderful ideas and that got my wheel turning! 

The idea I like the most and the one that will be best for my students will be the composition book. The composition book is sturdy, pages won't go flying in the middle of our activity, and durable...yes, that's the key word, durable.

I came across this wonderful post from Living, Laughing and Loving. She used composition books as math journals. I intend to use our for language and literacy, mostly. And here's my creation:

This project was very inexpensive. I purchased each composition book for 50 cents and for $1.50, I had them all 12 of them cut!

Because I intent to be using our journals on a daily basis, I decided to make a page marker to avoid wasting time looking for the page - and this is my idea for page marker (book marker). I like to use ribbons, they are durable and because I glued them onto the journal they won't go anywhere!

This is my final product!
Each one of my kiddos will have their own journal. Once I have identified my groups I will be adding some color-coded Duck tape onto the spine to easy identify each group.

Keep learning!


Writing Wednesday....and Every Day!

Hi friends,

Although its been three weeks since I have started my summer break....many of my former parents are asking me for more summer resources, especially in writing.

I have made this bilingual handwriting product, with ASL included! 

Check it out!

Freebie until Friday!

Keep learning...and writing!


Incorporating ASL in the Classroom!

Hi friends,

Two weeks into my summer break and I already miss being in the classroom....well, the life of a teacher! We have been to amusement parks, museums and zoos - next week the San Diego County Fair and water park! I love summer! This is my very first summer off. I taught for 9 years in private schools, which they operate all-year-round, only observing legal holidays - so having the summer off is a first for me!

Besides running around our city and beyond from place to place, my oldest daughter and I are talking American Sign Language classes, and we are loving it! So far in only three sessions we have learned over 160 words! But the most amazing thing is that I have started to put words together and making sentences....amazing!

This part school year I had the privilege to work side-by-side an ASL interpreter in my classroom - she was one of my students' ASL aide. I learned a lot, as well the rest of the class. I was able to witness the huge benefits of incorporating ASL into the daily activities. We were able to play and learned from some fantastic apps, sing songs in ASL and use signs into my classroom management. It worked amazing for me during large instruction with those students that want to share something without waiting their turn, without distracting me from the speaker and paying my undivided attention.

Another thing I have been doing this summer is researching ideas and activities to continue incorporating ASL, in a more structured way.

Keep learning....ASL!


All-in-One Spot!

Hi friends,

I have been on summer break for a week already and my brain hasn't get the memo yet! The main think I am thinking and pinning about back to school ideas and how to keep myself organized!

I would like to share with you how I keep myself organized on a day to day basis.
This little treasure box is just a portable file box. Inside I just color-coordinated my hanging folders. The purples are for each day of the week (notice there's only Monday through Thursday - I do not have students on Friday, and that's about to change :(
In the back, the yellow folder its labeled NEXT WEEK - in here I place ideas, notes or if I have time I begin placing next week's work. The very last folder is the red one labeled To Be Completed - for those unfinished work I need to get done.
And this is what my box looks like on any given week!
I place my books, handouts, cutouts and everything else I need for that specific day. In the front of my box I clip the week's lesson plan. 
This system has been very helpful for me. It keeps me organized and on top of things. It allows me to focus on my students and not to start looking around the classroom for red construction paper or triangle cutouts for my math lesson.

Like my brain doesn't want to turn into vacation mode yet, I put it to work! Here's my newest Teacher Planner - my other tool that I used the most to keep my sanity!

120+ pages of everything you will need to keep your teaching plans, meetings, schedules and everything else organized in just one place!

PPT version, completely editable. Just insert a textbox and add your personalized information.

In this planner you will find a place for:
general information
usernames and passwords
seating chartsstudents' information
students groups
communication logs
IEPs information
monthly calendars
important dates for each month
dates to remember
volunteers information
special events
long-range planning
2 different lesson plan formats
*DRDP Domains and measures (Pre-K teachers)
teacher reproducible forms: notes, awards, message pages
meeting notes
25 binder covers25 binder covers inserts for 1 and 2 inches 

Get your planner {{HERE}} $5.00 on sale!

How do you keep yourself organized?

Keep learning!


My Many Little Pigs!

Hello there,

This past week was filled with graduations, end-of-the-year celebrations, promotions, and moving up ceremonies! Our classes ended up their school year performing the story The Many Little Pigs and the Wolves! 

Let's begin with the background and the stage, shall we? Isn't is gorgeous?! Alma, our wonderful room mom came up with the idea and put it together.
On the left we have the straw house, the stick house on the middle, and far right the brick house!
We used tri-fold presentation boards. Raffia was used for the straw house, craft sticks for the stick house, and red and orange construction paper rectangles for the brick house.
This story was very unique. We had mommy and daddy pig, seven little piglets, eight sellers (straw, sticks, and bricks) and also we had three wolves!

Each character of the story wore a hat. I purchased solid-colored hats at Party City and cut the faces of each character. The sellers wore their respective hats (top photo) and the parents and little pigs as well (bottom photo). The wolves also had their hats - unfortunately I missed the opportunity to take a picture...oh, well! It was a pretty busy day!

When the families and friends arrived to our classroom we greeted them with these cute programs.
You can purchase your 3 Pigs bundle clipart {{HERE}}.

It was an amazing program in which each one of my students showcased their abilities and skills they have learned and developed during this school year. I am considering doing doing this program an-end-of-the-year tradition in my classroom!

Keep learning! Oink, Oink!


An Empty Classroom and a Happy Heart!

Hi friends,

I can finally say that I am on summer vacation! I survived this school year! Lots of giggles, laughs, aha! moments, tears and amazing discoveries!

I feel very blessed to have had this journey with amazing students, wonderful parents volunteers and an exceptional co-teacher. She really made a difference in this entire process.

Today, our classroom is empty. There is no proof that 40 children learned, made friends, laughed, explored or played in there. Several stacked chairs, lots of furniture and rolled rugs is just what is left.

On the other hand, I am very proud of the people my kiddos are becoming. They are more mature, they are able to care for others and they are definitely ready for kindergarten. Every single one of my students is able to stand in front of a class and do a show-and-tell, they love surprises and the unexpected.

After being almost five years in administration, it was challenging to go back into the classroom, but so worth it! I wish my students the best of the best. I know they will succeed and continue to grow in all areas. My heart is happy to know that they are good-hearted students who care about others and love to learn!

Good luck my sweeties!