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Hi friends,

I have been on summer break for a week already and my brain hasn't get the memo yet! The main think I am thinking and pinning about back to school ideas and how to keep myself organized!

I would like to share with you how I keep myself organized on a day to day basis.
This little treasure box is just a portable file box. Inside I just color-coordinated my hanging folders. The purples are for each day of the week (notice there's only Monday through Thursday - I do not have students on Friday, and that's about to change :(
In the back, the yellow folder its labeled NEXT WEEK - in here I place ideas, notes or if I have time I begin placing next week's work. The very last folder is the red one labeled To Be Completed - for those unfinished work I need to get done.
And this is what my box looks like on any given week!
I place my books, handouts, cutouts and everything else I need for that specific day. In the front of my box I clip the week's lesson plan. 
This system has been very helpful for me. It keeps me organized and on top of things. It allows me to focus on my students and not to start looking around the classroom for red construction paper or triangle cutouts for my math lesson.

Like my brain doesn't want to turn into vacation mode yet, I put it to work! Here's my newest Teacher Planner - my other tool that I used the most to keep my sanity!

120+ pages of everything you will need to keep your teaching plans, meetings, schedules and everything else organized in just one place!

PPT version, completely editable. Just insert a textbox and add your personalized information.

In this planner you will find a place for:
general information
usernames and passwords
seating chartsstudents' information
students groups
communication logs
IEPs information
monthly calendars
important dates for each month
dates to remember
volunteers information
special events
long-range planning
2 different lesson plan formats
*DRDP Domains and measures (Pre-K teachers)
teacher reproducible forms: notes, awards, message pages
meeting notes
25 binder covers25 binder covers inserts for 1 and 2 inches 

Get your planner {{HERE}} $5.00 on sale!

How do you keep yourself organized?

Keep learning!

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