An Empty Classroom and a Happy Heart!

Hi friends,

I can finally say that I am on summer vacation! I survived this school year! Lots of giggles, laughs, aha! moments, tears and amazing discoveries!

I feel very blessed to have had this journey with amazing students, wonderful parents volunteers and an exceptional co-teacher. She really made a difference in this entire process.

Today, our classroom is empty. There is no proof that 40 children learned, made friends, laughed, explored or played in there. Several stacked chairs, lots of furniture and rolled rugs is just what is left.

On the other hand, I am very proud of the people my kiddos are becoming. They are more mature, they are able to care for others and they are definitely ready for kindergarten. Every single one of my students is able to stand in front of a class and do a show-and-tell, they love surprises and the unexpected.

After being almost five years in administration, it was challenging to go back into the classroom, but so worth it! I wish my students the best of the best. I know they will succeed and continue to grow in all areas. My heart is happy to know that they are good-hearted students who care about others and love to learn!

Good luck my sweeties!

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