Incorporating ASL in the Classroom!

Hi friends,

Two weeks into my summer break and I already miss being in the classroom....well, the life of a teacher! We have been to amusement parks, museums and zoos - next week the San Diego County Fair and water park! I love summer! This is my very first summer off. I taught for 9 years in private schools, which they operate all-year-round, only observing legal holidays - so having the summer off is a first for me!

Besides running around our city and beyond from place to place, my oldest daughter and I are talking American Sign Language classes, and we are loving it! So far in only three sessions we have learned over 160 words! But the most amazing thing is that I have started to put words together and making sentences....amazing!

This part school year I had the privilege to work side-by-side an ASL interpreter in my classroom - she was one of my students' ASL aide. I learned a lot, as well the rest of the class. I was able to witness the huge benefits of incorporating ASL into the daily activities. We were able to play and learned from some fantastic apps, sing songs in ASL and use signs into my classroom management. It worked amazing for me during large instruction with those students that want to share something without waiting their turn, without distracting me from the speaker and paying my undivided attention.

Another thing I have been doing this summer is researching ideas and activities to continue incorporating ASL, in a more structured way.

Keep learning....ASL!

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