My Many Little Pigs!

Hello there,

This past week was filled with graduations, end-of-the-year celebrations, promotions, and moving up ceremonies! Our classes ended up their school year performing the story The Many Little Pigs and the Wolves! 

Let's begin with the background and the stage, shall we? Isn't is gorgeous?! Alma, our wonderful room mom came up with the idea and put it together.
On the left we have the straw house, the stick house on the middle, and far right the brick house!
We used tri-fold presentation boards. Raffia was used for the straw house, craft sticks for the stick house, and red and orange construction paper rectangles for the brick house.
This story was very unique. We had mommy and daddy pig, seven little piglets, eight sellers (straw, sticks, and bricks) and also we had three wolves!

Each character of the story wore a hat. I purchased solid-colored hats at Party City and cut the faces of each character. The sellers wore their respective hats (top photo) and the parents and little pigs as well (bottom photo). The wolves also had their hats - unfortunately I missed the opportunity to take a picture...oh, well! It was a pretty busy day!

When the families and friends arrived to our classroom we greeted them with these cute programs.
You can purchase your 3 Pigs bundle clipart {{HERE}}.

It was an amazing program in which each one of my students showcased their abilities and skills they have learned and developed during this school year. I am considering doing doing this program an-end-of-the-year tradition in my classroom!

Keep learning! Oink, Oink!

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