Small Journals for Small Hands

Hello friends,

Three week into my summer break and I'm still on "teacher-mode". I have been stalking looking at blogs and Pinterest boards for ideas on journals for young students. Tons of wonderful ideas and that got my wheel turning! 

The idea I like the most and the one that will be best for my students will be the composition book. The composition book is sturdy, pages won't go flying in the middle of our activity, and durable...yes, that's the key word, durable.

I came across this wonderful post from Living, Laughing and Loving. She used composition books as math journals. I intend to use our for language and literacy, mostly. And here's my creation:

This project was very inexpensive. I purchased each composition book for 50 cents and for $1.50, I had them all 12 of them cut!

Because I intent to be using our journals on a daily basis, I decided to make a page marker to avoid wasting time looking for the page - and this is my idea for page marker (book marker). I like to use ribbons, they are durable and because I glued them onto the journal they won't go anywhere!

This is my final product!
Each one of my kiddos will have their own journal. Once I have identified my groups I will be adding some color-coded Duck tape onto the spine to easy identify each group.

Keep learning!

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