Writing the classroom....

Hi friends,

Many of us have started the countdown for back to school, and many others have already started. One of the things I always look forward to in those no-students prep days is to label my classroom with fresh and crisp labels.

I have started to work on different designs for labels to "write the classroom":

My first label set is all about chalkboard and stitching.
Get yours {{HERE}}

This set is all about back to school.
Get this set {{HERE}}

Each set includes:
45+ school/office supplies labels
15+ subjects
days of the week
numbers for calendar
labels for groups

Keep learning!


Throwback Thursday....almost 30 years ago!

Hi PKP fans,

Although my school doesn't start quite yet, school is back in session. My girls started 8th grade and kindergarten and that brought back good memories of their many firsts things they get to experience in life.

This Throwback Thursday is all about good ol' memories!

One school day that I vividly remember is my last day of kindergarten!

I just want to share this photo with you and think about some of our 
great school days!

Keep learning!


3,000 Pinterest Followers Celebration!

Hello PKP friends,

I have just reached a huge milestone! 3,000 Pinterest Followers......I am over the moon!

To celebrate I am having a sale on my TpT Store! My entire store has a 20% off 
for only 3 days - until July 24th.

Don't miss the fun on Pinterest either, 
follow me {{HERE}}

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Classroom Scavenger Hunt FREEBIE!

Hi PKP friends,

The countdown has begun for our District's first day of the 2014-2015 school year! In just 3 days, thousands of students will begin a new school year, including my own children - 12 year old will go into 8th and my 5 year old will start kindergarten!

Last week we began attending training and professional development events. We met our instructional assistants and the rest of our department 84 staff members! 

Our early childhood director suggested we begin our Orientation Day: Greet, Meet and Learn with a fun activity, rather than just start shooting lots of information at them :)

One of the suggestions was to do a scavenger hunt with different areas in the classroom. I came up with this fun and child-friendly concept with help of the graphics from My Cute Graphics!

Download your FREEBIE {{{HERE}}}

There's 4 different forms to avoid having 20+ little ones heading to the same area :)
A kiddie-friendly version of the Blog Hoppin' 2014 Scavenger Hunt!

Keep learning!


Assessment Folders for Data Collection

Hello friends,

This past year I tried several methods to collect my data. I tried sticky notes, a notebook for notes, pictures (which was very helpful.....most of the time ;)) and the worst for me was anecdotal notes on sheets of papers - which I would misplace and had to hunt them all over the classroom.

This week I found this amazing post on Thank God it's First Grade, where she talks about the method she uses for conferencing. It reminded me when I was doing my student teaching internship, my mentor teacher used a similar method as well. She used it for book and writing conferencing too. 

Well, I think this may be the solution for my data collection dilemma.         This is what I am going to use:

To create these data collection folders you'll need, folders, tape, index cards and markers. I intend to use a different colored binder for each assessment period/quarters. 
I used the inside of the folders to place my index cards. I taped the bottom card first and lastly the top one. On the left side I added a label with the area to be assessed.
Note the colors next to the students' names. Each student on each small group will have a color to easier identify and find the card to be used.
The front and the back of the cards can be used for each student - I will write the date and the observation right next to it.
This is the back side. I included an overview of the entire assessment we used in the classroom. Color-coded of course!

TIP: Laminate each folder before you place the index cards. It will last longer and your front and back cover will remain intact!
It gotta be cute right?!  These beautiful graphics are from Creative Clipart by Krista Wallden.

You can download these cute covers for your different groups {{HERE}}

Keep learning...and assessing!


Blog Hoppin Linky with #prekpartner

It's a linky friends!

I have linked up with Blog Hoppin'

This linky party is to highlight the best scavenger hunt pictures of this wonderful journey. I am enjoying the entire process of hunting and searching for things on the scavenger hunt. So far I have found 90 items!!!

The prizes are amazing and the process so much fun!

Here's some of the pictures of my scavenger hunt.

Here's my beautiful 5 year old daughter eating what she loves the most, chocolate chip ice cream cone! One point for me, 10 for her! :)

Target back to school sale. Better than Black Friday.....for me!

Christmas decorations, wasn't difficult at all to find these in the house.

Stick family. I personally do not like to advertise how many family members, ages or occupations each one of us have. That was why I labeled it #notmyfamily

These two cuties helped me out right before starting my ASL class last week. Gen&sis wearing tutus.

Blog Hoppin on magnetic letters.

Here's again my youngest daughter, this time wearing a flower on her hair.

Here's my oldest daughter hugging a mannequin. The things they do for me!

 You still have time to join in the fun! The scavenger hunt will end in August so don't miss on this fun adventure.

Wanna see 80+ more pictures.....go to Instagram and see them all as well the other people participating.

Keep learning and keep playing!


More than just ABCs

Hi friends,

I want to share with you this super fun thing I purchased this week.

These alphabet, numbers and Lego brick molds are amazing!
I tried them out by melting crayons. The size is perfect for small hands to manipulate.

This is the final product! My head is just going into lots f different directions I can use these in the classroom or even as presents for back to school.

You can find the link to the molds here:
Alphabet HERE
Numbers HERE
Lego BricksHERE

Keep learning, and keep creating!


Welcome to School Box

Hi friends,

Vegas, Vegas....life happens and we were not able to go to Las Vegas this week, so I dedicated my time in scouting back to school sales all around town, that's what I do best!

I was running around town looking for a special something to get my class as a welcome to school gift. I did not see anything that I would like so I decided to put some things together and have them on the tables for the first day when we have orientation with the parents as well.

For just $1.90 I was able to put together a welcome to school box.

Pencil box  $0.57 at Walmart
Playdough $0.13 Dollar Tree (package of 8 for a dollar)
Scissors $0.25 at Walmart
Box of 24 Crayons $0.25 at Walmart
Tiaconderoga Pencil $0.08 Walmart (package of 12 for $0.97)
Small notebook $0.22 Walmart
Eraser $0.25 Walmart
Glue stick $0.15 Staples

When I have the student list I intend to wrap each box with a ribbon and write their names.

This is just a little something to show them that I am glad I will be their teacher!

Keep learning!


Blog Hoppin' 2014 Scavenger Hunt!

Hi friends,

Summer is going great, and its about to become amazing! I have taken the challenge and participate in the Blog Hoppin' 2014 Scavenger Hunt! We were given a humongous list to do a scavenger hunt of a variety of things take photos of and upload on Instagram with the hashtag #Bloghoppin2014.

Instagram and hashtagging are a new territory for me! Well, gotta keep up with social media, right!? Now you can follow me as well on Instagram as well #prekpartner and @janjanelle97.

So, hop on over to see my first two scavenger hunt items - out of 105......minimum! So, there's a lot of craziness to come.

Click HERE for rules and more info.

Here's a peek of my first two entries:
#bloghoppin2014 #bloghoppinmagneticletters
#becauseineedcolors #5coloredscissors

 Keep learning and join the fun!


Summer Update

Hi friends,

June is gone! That means we only have 3 more weeks of summer break for our school district....not me though! Because my site is going through a massive modernization I will be starting the last week of August :)

Here's an update of my summer vacation. This is my fourth summer week and we are enjoying it. Our oldest daughter and I are talking ASL classes. We have visited every single amusement park in Southern California - with th exception of the water park, that'll be in the next couple of weeks. Our trip to Las Vegas next week and we are very excited - Teacher Blogger LV Meet up here I come!

I am enjoying quiet days at home and relaxing, as well busy days around town. We have done tie dye shirts (and with the leftover dye I used it to dye some clothespins for the classroom), GAK, baked cookies and yummy cupcakes.....and we are currently on the lookout for back to school sales.

Some teachers, actually most of the teachers that I know hate back to school sales - but I just love it; it is like Christmas for me!

Keep learning and enjoy summer!