Blog Hoppin' 2014 Scavenger Hunt!

Hi friends,

Summer is going great, and its about to become amazing! I have taken the challenge and participate in the Blog Hoppin' 2014 Scavenger Hunt! We were given a humongous list to do a scavenger hunt of a variety of things take photos of and upload on Instagram with the hashtag #Bloghoppin2014.

Instagram and hashtagging are a new territory for me! Well, gotta keep up with social media, right!? Now you can follow me as well on Instagram as well #prekpartner and @janjanelle97.

So, hop on over to see my first two scavenger hunt items - out of 105......minimum! So, there's a lot of craziness to come.

Click HERE for rules and more info.

Here's a peek of my first two entries:
#bloghoppin2014 #bloghoppinmagneticletters
#becauseineedcolors #5coloredscissors

 Keep learning and join the fun!


  1. How do you do it? You are so multi task. You even have time for some fun! Enjoy it! It's summer time

  2. This is so much fun! Thank you for your help today!
    66 out of 105......getting there!