Blog Hoppin Linky with #prekpartner

It's a linky friends!

I have linked up with Blog Hoppin'

This linky party is to highlight the best scavenger hunt pictures of this wonderful journey. I am enjoying the entire process of hunting and searching for things on the scavenger hunt. So far I have found 90 items!!!

The prizes are amazing and the process so much fun!

Here's some of the pictures of my scavenger hunt.

Here's my beautiful 5 year old daughter eating what she loves the most, chocolate chip ice cream cone! One point for me, 10 for her! :)

Target back to school sale. Better than Black Friday.....for me!

Christmas decorations, wasn't difficult at all to find these in the house.

Stick family. I personally do not like to advertise how many family members, ages or occupations each one of us have. That was why I labeled it #notmyfamily

These two cuties helped me out right before starting my ASL class last week. Gen&sis wearing tutus.

Blog Hoppin on magnetic letters.

Here's again my youngest daughter, this time wearing a flower on her hair.

Here's my oldest daughter hugging a mannequin. The things they do for me!

 You still have time to join in the fun! The scavenger hunt will end in August so don't miss on this fun adventure.

Wanna see 80+ more pictures.....go to Instagram and see them all as well the other people participating.

Keep learning and keep playing!

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