Summer Update

Hi friends,

June is gone! That means we only have 3 more weeks of summer break for our school district....not me though! Because my site is going through a massive modernization I will be starting the last week of August :)

Here's an update of my summer vacation. This is my fourth summer week and we are enjoying it. Our oldest daughter and I are talking ASL classes. We have visited every single amusement park in Southern California - with th exception of the water park, that'll be in the next couple of weeks. Our trip to Las Vegas next week and we are very excited - Teacher Blogger LV Meet up here I come!

I am enjoying quiet days at home and relaxing, as well busy days around town. We have done tie dye shirts (and with the leftover dye I used it to dye some clothespins for the classroom), GAK, baked cookies and yummy cupcakes.....and we are currently on the lookout for back to school sales.

Some teachers, actually most of the teachers that I know hate back to school sales - but I just love it; it is like Christmas for me!

Keep learning and enjoy summer!

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