Welcome to School Box

Hi friends,

Vegas, Vegas....life happens and we were not able to go to Las Vegas this week, so I dedicated my time in scouting back to school sales all around town, that's what I do best!

I was running around town looking for a special something to get my class as a welcome to school gift. I did not see anything that I would like so I decided to put some things together and have them on the tables for the first day when we have orientation with the parents as well.

For just $1.90 I was able to put together a welcome to school box.

Pencil box  $0.57 at Walmart
Playdough $0.13 Dollar Tree (package of 8 for a dollar)
Scissors $0.25 at Walmart
Box of 24 Crayons $0.25 at Walmart
Tiaconderoga Pencil $0.08 Walmart (package of 12 for $0.97)
Small notebook $0.22 Walmart
Eraser $0.25 Walmart
Glue stick $0.15 Staples

When I have the student list I intend to wrap each box with a ribbon and write their names.

This is just a little something to show them that I am glad I will be their teacher!

Keep learning!

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